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Pathumthani Fragrant Rice


Pathumthani Fragrant Rice is a new strain of Thai fragrant rice. It is naturally identical with long-time renowned Thai Jasmine Rice or Thai Hom Mali Rice with the same pandan-like fragrant and tender texture but with softer aroma and more stout and shorter grain. With its truly similar characteristics to Thai Hom Mali Rice, Pathumthani Fragrant Rice is usually the second choice of Thai Jasmine Rice or Thai Hom Mali Rice with its more affordable price.



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Pathumthani Fragrant Rice, Pathumtani Fragrant Rice, Jasmine Rice Pathumthani Fragrant Rice Sortexed (Jasmine Fragrant)

Max Broken: 4.0%
Whole Kernels: More than or equal 70%
Max Moisture: 14%
Max Red Kernels: 0.50%
Max Yellow Kernels: 0.10%
Max Chalky Kernels: 3.00%
Milling Degree: Extra Well Milled
**Specifications as Official Export Standard of Thailand 
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